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[Closed] IFES Event: Landing Into 2016

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[Closed] IFES Event: Landing Into 2016

Post by Ifflyer31 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:50 pm

Hello Members,
   Welcome to 2016! I have stepped into the role of being the Event Manager for IFES! For 2016 we will be having weekly events! So without further adieu, let's touch our wheels down in Sydney!

Event: 757 Landing Competition

Aircraft: 757-200 (Allegiant Livery)

Date:  January 21

Time: 7:00PM EST to 8:00PM EST

# of Aircraft Allowed: 15 (Message Me for Confirmation)

Server: Free Flight

NOTAM: You will spawn in the gates (your choice) and taxi to runway 16R, take off runway 16R make right traffic and remain in the pattern ONE AT A TIME (Sequence yourself out) and turn right base for runway 16L

Landing Rules:
1. 16L ONLY
2. Judges will choose scores for you
3. Message me for entry... 15 slots
4. 757 ONLY
5. Spectators must put "Spectate" in nametag
6. Trolls will not be judged and will only be ignored
7. Have fun and happy landings

Winners will be announced after we go over the scores Smile


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Re: [Closed] IFES Event: Landing Into 2016

Post by Daniel Shaw on Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:03 pm

Congratulations to the winners!
1st. Rooster
2nd. MEDIC999
3rd. Mateo/ Potus1

Thank you to all who attended!

Slack & Community Director

Daniel Shaw
Admin, Developer / Media and Communications Director
Admin, Developer / Media and Communications Director

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"Landing into 2016"

Post by Justin_gonzo on Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:47 am

Great event I had a lot of fun. On another note great pun ;)


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Re: [Closed] IFES Event: Landing Into 2016

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